The Razor Residence will be Auctioned Tomorrow!

Tomorrow – Thursday, November 10, 2011 – is the day! The Razor Residence will be auctioned tomorrow morning at 11am! The suspense is unbearable, and we cannot wait to see who will become the fortuitous new owner of the most architecturally unique home in the world. We’re imagining the suspense will be quite intense tomorrow as bidders will be vying for the chance to wake up every morning to the most stunning views in all of California in a the one-of-kind architectural masterpiece designed by world-renowned architect Wallace E. Cunningham.

To those qualified bidders who will be attending the auction tomorrow, please remember to bring a Cashier’s Check in the amount of $500,000 made out to themselves or to Leslie Gladstone, Trustee in order to participate. The auction will be an oral bid conducted by the Trustee, and the bidding will begin at US $13,900,000. The property will be sold free and clear liens, unfinished and as is.  The successful bidder will sign a non-contingency purchase agreement, and the sale will be subject to a lender’s approval. Happy Bidding!

For additional information or questions please contact Hurwitz James Company at 888-681-5902.

Photos via Hurwitz James Company

UPDATE: New Terms for the Razor Residence Auction Nov. 10

The terms for the auction of the world-famous Razor Residence, designed by renowned architect Wallace E. Cunningham, have been changed. Interested bidders are no longer required to wire in $500K to the trustee one week prior to the auction. Instead, bidders are now allowed to show proof of funds to close the sale two days prior to the auction! This change is to encourage interested parties to seal the deal before the auction in order to get the best price possible.

Auction Details

Who: For qualified bidders only (to participate, bidders or their authorized representatives must bring a Cashier’s Check in the amount of $500,000 made out to themselves or to Leslie Gladstone, Trustee)

What: The auction will be an oral bid

When: 11AM PDT on Thursday, November 10, 2011

Where: The office of the attorney for the Trustee: Jeff Davis of Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glovsky and Popeo, P.C. at 3580 Carmel Mountain Road, Suite 300 in San Diego, California

How: The auction will be conducted by the Trustee; the bidding will begin at US$13,900,000, and bids are required to be in US dollars and in cash

Parties interested in potentially purchasing the property prior to the auction should contact Bob Hurwitz to schedule an appointment right away at 888-681-5902.

Q & A from the Ocean Home Magazine Interview with Bob Hurwitz

Get a behind the scenes look at the Ocean Home Magazine interview with Bob Hurwitz in the Question and Answer piece that was just released on the Ocean Home website on on October 11, 2011. Bob Hurwitz gives readers the real scoop on the Ocean Reef Islands project by answering questions from how Hurwitz James Company was chosen as the real estate company for ORI to whether Bob had any doubts about the project’s success.

“At the end, when the islands are completed, this will not only be a project for Panamanians or Latin-Americans; but a project for the entire world.”

Of course, the amenities are always what inquiring minds want to know about the first ever man-made luxury island complex. Bob assures readers in the Q & A that the “Residential Marina” at Ocean Reef Island is truly a yacht owner’s paradise with 24-hour access and more than 200 slips that accommodate vessels from 40 to 250 feet in length.

To give readers a real idea of what ORI residents will get to enjoy on a regular basis, Bob describes his own experience and how he went freediving, world class fishing, hiking and exploring around the lush islands all in just 3 days!

There are countless deserted white sand beaches, protected coves and bays, and ecological paradise of lush jungles and remarkable wildlife.

Read more of the interview at



A Day in the Life of Bob Hurwitz: Perk II

After Bob Hurwitz sold a client’s multimillion dollar estate, the client wanted Bob to set sail on his fully staffed yacht to explore potential listings on the French Riviera. Of course, as a global real estate broker, Bob knows the customer is always right, so set sail he did.

Little did Bob know what was really in store for him on this not-so-everyday yacht.

A grueling day of sailing-er work, left Bob Hurwitz spent. 

Per his client’s request, however, Bob had to scrounge the energy to sit down to a four-course meal. Not bad for deep-sea dining, right?

Bob didn’t get to catch it himself (he is a freediving spearfisher remember), but then again it probably wouldn’t have been quite the same. 

I guess you could say Bob’s client wanted to inspire him to find luxury by tasting luxury. Mind you, Bob had to comply. It was captain’s orders after all. 

Bob Hurwitz: From Luxury Real Estate to Freedive Spearfishing

He may have $4 billion in property listings in seven different countries, but that doesn’t stop Bob Hurwitz from occasionally shedding his business veneer to pursue a more primitive way of life. As he recently told Unique Homes reporter Ken Weingartner, the founder and president of Hurwitz James Company, Bob Hurwitz takes every opportunity he can to enjoy his favorite pastime, freedive spearfishing. Fortunately, he is able to find multiple opportunities as many of his multimillion dollar estate listings take him to the exotic waters of Costa Rica, Bora Bora, Fiji and Thailand.

Leaving scuba tanks behind as a teenager, Bob freedives 80 feet into the ocean in a single breath to see what he can catch for dinner with his slightly modern version of a bow and arrow. This may not sound like a way to unwind for most, but as Bob told Weingartner in an interview,

“It’s leaving everything materialistic behind and immersing yourself into something primeval . . . I am always ‘on,’ always selling, always enthusiastic and up. That’s my nature, but in order to give it my all, I need to recharge. I need some space and solitude. Freediving gives me that. It washes my mind clear of all the problems and issues that make up my real life in the modern world.”

After an afternoon of hunting for a meal in the deep waters, Bob Hurwitz is able to diligently return with a sharp mind to his current preoccupation of meeting and deliberating with qualified buyers on the world famous La Jolla Razor Residence.


Photos via Unique Homes.

Breaking News on The Razor Residence

Due to the high levels of inquiries and publicity on the world-famous Razor Residence, Hurwitz James Company has decided to postpone the auction originally scheduled for Tuesday, September 27. If the estate was not sold prior to the auction date, the bidding was supposed to start tomorrow at $16 million to an exclusive group of qualified-buyers.

As the Razor has continued to make headlines, our phones have continued to ring. There has been a number of inquiries from overseas buyers who were unable to schedule visits prior to the auction date.

But that’s not the only piece of breaking news we have. There is actually one cash offer for The Razor that is currently under consideration. Who is this potential buyer? You’ll have to check back with the Hurwitz James Company Blog to find out! We’ll be sure to post updates on The Razor for our readers as soon as more information is released.


Aston Martin Unveils V12 Zagato at The Razor Residence

Photos by Kris Cyganiak

“As the V12 Zagato is a true expression of prestige and exclusivity, it is only fitting that Aston Martin would select to host an event in one of the ultimate expressions of modern luxury available today in a home that has been described as a trophy property and an architectural masterpiece,” said owner of the Pinnacle List Kris Cyganiak.

A little over a week ago, an exclusive evening event culminated in ultimate luxury when Aston Martin unveiled the new V12 Zagato at The Razor. The producer of the most sought-after sports cars Aston Martin chose the masterwork of renowned architect William Cunningham as the location for the anticipated reveal.

As Kris Cyganiak said in his editorial of the event, “The Aston Martin V12 Zagato is a bold and elegant design inspiration of luxury that could only be matched by the architectural wonder that is The Razor.”

 The V12 is the result of a new collaboration as the Aston Martin brand celebrated its 50th year of collaborating with famed Italian design house Zagato on the DB4GT.

Attendees of the high-profile event enjoyed cocktails and a special menu prepared by La Valencia Hotel executive chef Lance Repp while The Razor was open for their viewing pleasure.


Read about the event and see more stunning photos by visiting Kris Cyganiak’s article:

Check back with us here at Hurwitz James Company to find out who will become the fortunate new owner of The Razor Residence currently on the market and set to be auctioned on September 27th.