Panama Named one of the World’s Strongest Real Estate Markets

The real estate market may be leaving something to be desired here in the United States, but it’s proving to be the opposite for the Ocean Reef Islands, the new landmark in Latin America. As the sole Realtor for the marketing and sales of the exclusive residential island development, Hurwitz James Company is excited to be representing these stunning luxury Ocean Villas, Garden Apartments and Single Family Homes in a location and market that is unparalleled by most others around the world.

“Little wonder that Panama is increasingly lighting up the radar screens of those searching for an affordable alternative to more traditional south-of-the-border retreats in Mexico, Costa Rica and the Caribbean, where escalating prices increasingly rival those along America’s own beach fronts…Yet despite the price increases, property here remains a fraction of what one would pay for similar real estate in the United States.”
- New York Times

“… ultimately, the beauty of Panama City is that it hasn’t become Miami yet. It’s much more welcoming and manageable. And now is the time to go.”
- The Washington Post

“The Number One Retirement Destination in the Western Hemisphere”
- Modern Maturity Magazine

“I have projects all over the world, and Panama is one of the strongest, if not the strongest, real estate market.”
- Ivanka Trump

Contact Hurwitz James Company if you would like to learn more about the stunning island residences on the Ocean Reef Islands in Panama by calling 310.477.8865.

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