The Razor Makes the ABC Channel 10 News

With the upcoming auction, the hype continues to build as The Razor is making more and more headlines. Our prized property and architectural marvel recently took center stage in a news report by ABC Channel 10. The story highlighted The Razor’s magnificence with its location that is “hollowed out from the cliffs over Black’s Beach” and the floor-to-ceiling glass that “filters light in a way that changes the home’s look depending on the hour.”

The story revealed the home as the most photographed in America as well as a peak into its past. There was a mention of previous Razor owner, software engineer Don Cooksey, who declared bankruptcy and turned the masterpiece over to a trustee.

Don Cooksey spent $34 million to commission the residence designed by top architect Wallace Cunningham, and on September 27th, the bidding will begin at $16 million. The numbers speak for themselves, but Channel 10 quoted Bob Hurwitz describing The Razor as “a steal.”

Those in the market should now that The Razor will only be auctioned if it is not sold prior to September 27th. Interest in the property can be directed to Bob Hurwitz himself at 310.477.8865.

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