Luxury Real Estate Pros Reveal Top Tips for Buying Mega-Mansions

More money does not mean more problems if you are a buyer in today’s ultra-high-end housing market. As we already know, the luxury real estate market is sizzling with bargains and bidding wars on trophy properties.

So as multi-million dollar homebuyers continue to flood the market, Business Insider thought it was the prime time to seek advice from experts in this top tier market on how to begin the mega-mansion buying process. Here are their top tips for a successful multi-million dollar real estate investment.

• Do Your Online Research: Search listings online to get an idea of exactly what you are looking for.

• Enlist an Experienced Luxury Broker: Check to see what brokers are selling the most high-end properties in the area you are interested in.

• Get Pre-Approved: Have your pre-approval record ready before you even hire an agent.

• Prepare to Disclose Details: Expect that your real estate agent will want to know a few things about yourself such as your occupation and other assets in order to gauge your level of seriousness.

• Opt for a Mortgage: Even if you have the cash and don’t need one, a mortgage can actually be a more economical way to spend your money because of current interest rates.


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The grand foyer of the Bradbury Estate in San Gabriel Valley, which is currently listed at $78.8 million

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