New Profile of The Razor Residence on The Pinnacle List

Just when we thought The La Jolla Razor Residence couldn’t appear any more radiant in photos, The Pinnacle List released a new profile of the “one-of-a-kind” architectural masterpiece. Appearing in the light of a sunny day, the work of architect William Cunningham transforms into an immaculate sculpture of epic property proportions. Simply put, these views cannot be recreated.

When the sun begins to make its descent, every wall made transparent by floor-to-ceiling glass is converted into a live painting of the sinking sun into the ocean waters framed by the crests of coastal cliffs. The 60-foot infinity pool reflects the brilliant colors of the sunset sky for an even more breathtaking presentation. Defined by its location, The Razor design is a daily celebration of Mother Earth’s majestic beauty.

The destiny of The Razor is yet to be determined as the property remains on the market and one offer still on the table. Qualified buyers who are interested in learning more about The Razor or would like to an appointment to see the estate, can schedule on The Pinnacle List online or by calling Bob Hurwitz at 310.477.8865.

Photos courtesy of TPL

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