The Building of the Shelter Island Estate

The engineers, architects and craftsmen of the Shelter Island Estate created a truly unique design that combines sophisticated modern engineering with timeless design details and materials. Let’s take a look at how they did this by starting inside and working our way out.

Walking through the main house of the Shelter Island Estate, you’ll notice hand-forged ironwork, detailed wainscoting, elegant corbels and grand colonnades. The effect is baronial but in an elegant and graceful manner that does not breach on gaudy. Here are just a few of the materials used inside the Shelter Island Estate that contribute to the majestic yet warm and inviting interiors.

  • African Mahogany installed by hand
  • French Limestone
  • Italian plaster
  • copper and bronze
  • Hang forged ironwork
  • Detailed wainscoting
  • Custom double pane windows
  • Vaulted, coved, domed and coffered ceilings
  • Coved lighting systems
  • Fixtures and chandeliers collected from around the world
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hurwitz james company

hurwitz james company
Now, let’s step outside now to discuss the architectural structure and engineering involved in the building of the Shelter Island Estate.

The exterior of the home is hewn entirely of stone, copper, Indiana Limestone and Virginia. Architectural features include sloping roofs, dormers, copper trim, a copper conservatory addition and a large tower. The stone employed in the building of the home is actually a chief cliff stone (one of the most sought-after stone products in the industry) that is lichen-covered and native to Montana. The overall aesthetic has a charming yet sophisticated old world feel.

The estate is operated by a marvelously-engineered system that consists of an armored utility cable that carries 12,000 amps to the island and a CAT-5 computer cable and phone that are housed underground and underwater. Paired with a 1,200 foot utility building and 1,800 foot workshop, the entire system has the capacity to sustain the building of three more compounds on the island.

The Shelter Island Estate was recently listed with Hurwitz James Company for $78 million. To learn more about the estate and to schedule a showing, please contact Hurwitz James Company at 888-681-5902.

hurwitz james company

hurwitz james company

hurwitz james company

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