The Latest on The Razor Residence as the Auction Approaches

Our architectural work of art in La Jolla, California,  The Razor Residence, is currently the talk of the real estate town. CNN, AOL, ABC Channel 10 and ABC National have all featured the infamous estate, which is still scheduled to be auctioned on Tuesday, September 27th.

As you can imagine, The Razor is keeping Bob Hurwitz very busy with all of the high-profile interviews and the numerous tours to qualified buyers coming from as far away as Sweden to see this masterpiece property. Bob Hurwitz has been making it known to qualified buyers that the best possible price will most likely be achieved prior to the auction. As the sole judge of the rules by which the auction will be conducted and the high bidder, the Trustee will start the bidding at $16 million with overbids in increments of $100,000.

See what Unique Homes and AOL have been saying about The Razor as the suspense builds and the real estate world waits to see who will purchase the one-of-a-kind property.

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