Wall Street Journal Article Reveals One of the Best Places to Retire

Imagine retirement looking like this . . .

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal accounts the story of how two 60-year-old friends were able to retire here and wake up to this every day despite their “small nest eggs” and inability to receive Medicare until age 65. Here were their requirements for the retirement location of their dreams:

Warm weather; a country with a stable democracy; a four-hour plane ride or less from the U.S.; adequate and affordable health care; American-friendly; located near or by an ocean; clean and abundant fresh water; affordable housing; a cost of living at least 50% lower than in the U.S.—and good coffee.

So where were they able to retire? Costa Rica! Read the rest of their story at online.wsj.com.

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Top photo via DoctorWho
Bottom three photos via Hurwitz James Company

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