Why MarketWatch Picks Panama as Haven with Best Retiree Benefits

Panama continues to pop up in real estate news as a top place to retire. In a recent article published in The Wall Street Journal‘s MarketWatch, the Southern most country of Central America once again made the list for “The World’s top 10 Retirement Havens.” The article reports that according to research by International Living, Panama’s “pensionado” program, cost of living, real estate, ease of integration, health care, climate and entertainment and amenities among other factors make it the country with the best retiree benefits.

Open to foreigners and without any age requirements, the pensionado is an organized retiree program that offers premium percentage discounts such as 20% off professional services and 50% off of theaters, movies and sporting events. Other perks include discounts for hospitals and private clinics, domestic flights on COPA, public transport and sit-down restaurants.

Combine the pensionado with an already inexpensive cost of living and you have yourself the perfect place to get the most for your money in retirement. Read the article in full at MarketWatch.com.

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Top photo via Dsasso
Bottom photo via OceanReefIslands.com

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