The Epoch Times Reports on International Real Estate

November 10, 2011, The Epoch Times published an article featuring three luxury properties in three different countries across the globe, one of which is a Hurwitz James Company listing. The historical Japanese home known as the “House on Turtle Mountain” was the first global estate featured in the article.

As we recounted in a past post announcing its reduced price, the Japanese home located in a bamboo grove in Kamakura is famous for having been disassembled from a renowned restaurant in Tokyo. Combining traditional Japanese architecture and floor plan design with modern luxury, the home’s true allure is found in the purely peaceful surroundings which include soothing streams, brooks, waterfalls and rock gardens.

The historical Turtle Mountain home was featured in The Epoch Times article alongside a contemporary Sydney Harbor Apartment in Australia and a French Riviera Farmhouse in the South of France. Read more of the article by visiting The Epoch Times website.


Photos via Hurwitz James Company Real Estate Worldwide

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