Signs of a Healing Housing Market

The real estate market receives some goods news as high buying season approaches. Opportunities may soon be rising for investors as the U.S. housing market shows signs of recovery. Here is what portfolio manager of the Fidelity Trend fund, Dan Kelley, told The Wall Street Journal’s MarketWatch in a recent article:

“The housing market is showing some evidence of stabilization and even improvement in the U.S. And with a reduction in inventory and an appreciation of rental rates across many markets, investors are taking another look and recognizing the value proposition the sector can provide.”

Positive trends in consumer confidence and business investing have also been supported by Fannie Mae. According to the February National Housing Survey, Fannie Mae recently reported to the Washington Business Journal an increase in consumer confidence of 19 percent since November 2011. Fannie Mae is hence predicting economic growth to improve to 2.5 percent before the end of 2012.


Sources: MarketWatch and Washington Business Journal


Picasso Painting Sells for $23 Million Setting Record

A luxury home isn’t complete without a one of a kind piece of fine art. But one fine art collector believed his home wasn’t complete until it dawned an original Picasso painting valued at $23 million. The unnamed collector purchased the 1967 Picasso work featuring a naked man playing a recorder for his nude lover in November 2011 for $23 million, setting a record.

According to the premier issue of luxury lifestyle magazine Bloomberg Pursuits, the world’s biggest fine art dealers will be uniting for the fourth in a series of Picasso exhibitions at Larry Gagosian’s galleries in New York and London. The expectations for the next event to take place on April 30 are very high. The first three events attracted a total of 260,000 visitors for about 300 artworks. These events with the participation of Picasso’s heirs and noted Picasso biographer John Richardson elevated by the unrivaled marketing strategies of Larry Gagosian have made Picasso the best-selling artist of the past decade.

Read more about the upcoming exhibition and fine art marketer Larry Gagosian in the Bloomberg article online. Property investors and fine art collectors might be interested to learn about Hurwitz James Company’s newest listing, The Bradbury Estate, which boasts several Venetian plaster masterpieces and domes with hand-painted frescos. Interested buyers can schedule a showing by calling 888-681-5902.

Bloomberg Pursuits: New Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

We came across an article in The Editor at Large announcing a new print magazine designed for the “Global Financial Elite,” which we thought our real estate investing clients might be interested in. Bloomberg will soon be launching the Bloomberg Pursuits, a magazine that will be available on newsstands and distributed worldwide to financial professionals using Bloomberg Terminal. According to the Editor at Large article, the average reader profile is predicted to be a 38-year-old male with an average income of $452k, in other words influential business leaders and market-movers with discerning tastes. Here’s a little sample of what readers can expect.

Bloomberg Pursuits will cover the world, including fashion in Asia, Brazil and Europe, adventures in Patagonia, jewelry in London, exotic cars in New York City, resorts in Laos, and more. Editorial content includes: Product Reviews, Destinations, Advice, Real Estate & Design, Fashion, Watches and more.

To read more about the new luxury lifestyle magazine set to launch soon by Bloomberg, visit the The Editor at Large article online.

Photo by Scott Frances via The Editor at Large

Wall Street Journal Article Reveals One of the Best Places to Retire

Imagine retirement looking like this . . .

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal accounts the story of how two 60-year-old friends were able to retire here and wake up to this every day despite their “small nest eggs” and inability to receive Medicare until age 65. Here were their requirements for the retirement location of their dreams:

Warm weather; a country with a stable democracy; a four-hour plane ride or less from the U.S.; adequate and affordable health care; American-friendly; located near or by an ocean; clean and abundant fresh water; affordable housing; a cost of living at least 50% lower than in the U.S.—and good coffee.

So where were they able to retire? Costa Rica! Read the rest of their story at

Hurwitz James Company currently has the listing for the Cabana Verde in Costa Rica. With its location among tropical fauna, rivers, mountains and beaches, this property is truly a tropical paradise. To learn more about the Cabana Verde or to schedule a viewing with broker Bob Hurwitz, please call Hurwitz James Company at 888-681-5902.

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Bottom three photos via Hurwitz James Company

The Top 10 Most Expensive Zip Codes of 2011

What makes one zip code more expensive than the next? Is it the waterfront location, the billionaire celebrity neighbors, the prime proximity to a booming city? Oftentimes, it’s all three! From the recent Forbes article, “America’s Most Expensive Zip Codes,” here are the top ten places where people spend the most money to own property.

  1.  07620, Alpine, NJ
  2. 94027, Atherton, CA
  3. 11962, Sagaponack, NY
  4. 94010, Hillsborough, CA
  5. 90210, Beverly Hills, CA
  6. 10012, New York, NY
  7. 10013, New York, NY
  8. 11976, Water Mill, NY
  9. 93108, Montecito, CA
  10. 11568, Old Westbury, NY
Looking to live in one of the most desirable zip codes in America? Here are a few of Bob Hurwitz‘s property listings that are located in an infamous zip code.
The French Chateau in the exclusive Birnam Wood Golf Club in Montecito offers exceptional European craftsmanship and authentic French Renaissance pieces. 
At 406 Robert Lane in Beverley Hills, this stunning estate is on the premier street in Trousdale Estates; the seven bedrooms and soaring ceilings are just the start of it.

To learn more about these or other California, US or international luxury properties, contact Bob Hurwitz of Hurwitz James Company at 310.477.8865.

The Epoch Times Reports on International Real Estate

November 10, 2011, The Epoch Times published an article featuring three luxury properties in three different countries across the globe, one of which is a Hurwitz James Company listing. The historical Japanese home known as the “House on Turtle Mountain” was the first global estate featured in the article.

As we recounted in a past post announcing its reduced price, the Japanese home located in a bamboo grove in Kamakura is famous for having been disassembled from a renowned restaurant in Tokyo. Combining traditional Japanese architecture and floor plan design with modern luxury, the home’s true allure is found in the purely peaceful surroundings which include soothing streams, brooks, waterfalls and rock gardens.

The historical Turtle Mountain home was featured in The Epoch Times article alongside a contemporary Sydney Harbor Apartment in Australia and a French Riviera Farmhouse in the South of France. Read more of the article by visiting The Epoch Times website.


Photos via Hurwitz James Company Real Estate Worldwide

Historic ‘House on Turtle Mountain’ in Japan Just Reduced

Embodying ultimate serenity and impeccable design, this historic home in Kita Kamakura, Kanagawa was just reduced by 200 million Yen! Nestled atop a large rock that resembles a turtle and symbolizes good fortune, this residence has earned the famous name “The House on Turtle Mountain.” The home’s real fame hails, however, from the three of the rooms that were dismantled from the original “Tsukiji Rantei House,” a renowned restaurant in Tokyo.

With private surroundings of soothing, brooks, ponds, waterfalls, bamboo forests and rock gardens, “The House on Turtle Mountain” is a place of pure tranquility. The perfect balance between Japanese architecture and modern luxury, the home has 6 rooms divided by traditional fusuma, shoji and tatami partitions. The rest of the home including the guest room, bathroom, living room and kitchen offer a stunning minimalist aesthetic that achieves the highest possible comfort. The property is boasted to have a prime piece of land with good energy. Read more about the history of this home by visiting the Hurwitz James Company Flyer.


Interested buyers should contact Bob Hurwitz at 310-477-8865 to schedule an appointment.

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