What is Your Ideal Retirement Spot?

It takes more than a beautiful beach to make your golden years golden. Choosing your retirement destination requires careful and thorough consideration. Investment advisors will encourage you to look at taxes, climate, recreation, cost of living and – of course – the housing market.

Taking into account such factors, the U.S. News & World Report recently named Panama as today’s No.1 destination to retire in their recent article entitled “18 Best Places to Retire Overseas.”

As U.S. News & World Report writer Kathleen Peddicord says, “The ideal retirement spot is a place where you can live a rich life filled with friends, travel, discovery, physical and intellectual distractions, and opportunities for growth. A super-low cost of living is great, but more important is the quality of life your retirement budget is buying you.”

Panama meets all of these criteria and more. Not only is it well known for its gold standard retirement benefit program, Panama’s currency is the U.S. dollar, eliminating any exchange rate risks. Panama offers the best of both worlds with gorgeous weather and beaches as well as a city rich in culture, history and entertainment. On top of all this, Panama is perfect for easy traveling as it continues to be a hub that is easily accessible from anywhere in the Americas and Europe.

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Ocean Reef

Why It’s Best to Invest in Panama Real Estate Before 2013

Ranked as the number one place to retire and a top location to own a second home by a number of esteemed publications including FortuneInternational Living and Modern Maturity magazine, Panama has many wonderful advantages to offer its residents. For one, it has the best retiree program in the world, the “pensionado.” But even beyond this, the safety ratings, infrastructure, attractions, beauty and climate of Panama make it an undeniably pleasant place to live.

As the result of a new US bank law, however, the IRS will soon be forcing foreign banks to withhold 30% of funds that leave the USA beginning January of 2013. Hence, Panama’s #1 Travel Guide is advising that now is the time to purchase property in Panama and get funds out there before this new law goes into effect.

Panama does not have a multi-listing system, so those who are looking to invest in property for retirement or as a second home should consider the Ocean Reef Islands, Panama’s newest and most luxurious residential development. To learn about the custom designed villas and single-family homes, private marina and other world-class amenities of this prestigious new development, contact Hurwitz James Company at 888-681-5902.

Source: panamainfo.com
Top photo by John Henderson
Bottom photo via Ocean Reef Islands