A Peek Into Hurwitz James Company’s Upcoming Projects

Bob Hurwitz has to be very selective when it comes to choosing the developments that Hurwitz James Company will represent. Although he has highly experienced luxury residence marketing and sales teams, Bob has to make sure the project, Bob has to ensure that they can reach the project market effectively. Unfortunately, this means Bob cannot take on every opportunity. Deciding that they were a good fit, here are the projects that Hurwitz James Company are currently working on.

  • The $120 Million Genesis Puntarenas Development in Costa Rica.
  • The $1.3 Billion dollar Cosmopolis luxury home and gated community in the Herradura rainforest.
  • A Green development in an ocean golf resort in Bora Bora with twenty 8.5 to 9 million Euro luxury villas that each include partial ownership in the golf course, spa and restaurant.
Bob Hurwitz has also been traveling to the Caribbean, Brazil and a beautiful island hotel resort in Italy to work on upcoming luxury development projects. Stay in the know, and subscribe to the Hurwitz James Company Blog, “like” us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter to see some of the world’s most beautiful places to live with the most luxurious amenities.

Q & A from the Ocean Home Magazine Interview with Bob Hurwitz

Get a behind the scenes look at the Ocean Home Magazine interview with Bob Hurwitz in the Question and Answer piece that was just released on the Ocean Home website on on October 11, 2011. Bob Hurwitz gives readers the real scoop on the Ocean Reef Islands project by answering questions from how Hurwitz James Company was chosen as the real estate company for ORI to whether Bob had any doubts about the project’s success.

“At the end, when the islands are completed, this will not only be a project for Panamanians or Latin-Americans; but a project for the entire world.”

Of course, the amenities are always what inquiring minds want to know about the first ever man-made luxury island complex. Bob assures readers in the Q & A that the “Residential Marina” at Ocean Reef Island is truly a yacht owner’s paradise with 24-hour access and more than 200 slips that accommodate vessels from 40 to 250 feet in length.

To give readers a real idea of what ORI residents will get to enjoy on a regular basis, Bob describes his own experience and how he went freediving, world class fishing, hiking and exploring around the lush islands all in just 3 days!

There are countless deserted white sand beaches, protected coves and bays, and ecological paradise of lush jungles and remarkable wildlife.

Read more of the interview at http://oceanhomemag.com/bob-hurwitz-and-ocean-reef-islands/.