What is Your Ideal Retirement Spot?

It takes more than a beautiful beach to make your golden years golden. Choosing your retirement destination requires careful and thorough consideration. Investment advisors will encourage you to look at taxes, climate, recreation, cost of living and – of course – the housing market.

Taking into account such factors, the U.S. News & World Report recently named Panama as today’s No.1 destination to retire in their recent article entitled “18 Best Places to Retire Overseas.”

As U.S. News & World Report writer Kathleen Peddicord says, “The ideal retirement spot is a place where you can live a rich life filled with friends, travel, discovery, physical and intellectual distractions, and opportunities for growth. A super-low cost of living is great, but more important is the quality of life your retirement budget is buying you.”

Panama meets all of these criteria and more. Not only is it well known for its gold standard retirement benefit program, Panama’s currency is the U.S. dollar, eliminating any exchange rate risks. Panama offers the best of both worlds with gorgeous weather and beaches as well as a city rich in culture, history and entertainment. On top of all this, Panama is perfect for easy traveling as it continues to be a hub that is easily accessible from anywhere in the Americas and Europe.

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Why It’s Best to Invest in Panama Real Estate Before 2013

Ranked as the number one place to retire and a top location to own a second home by a number of esteemed publications including FortuneInternational Living and Modern Maturity magazine, Panama has many wonderful advantages to offer its residents. For one, it has the best retiree program in the world, the “pensionado.” But even beyond this, the safety ratings, infrastructure, attractions, beauty and climate of Panama make it an undeniably pleasant place to live.

As the result of a new US bank law, however, the IRS will soon be forcing foreign banks to withhold 30% of funds that leave the USA beginning January of 2013. Hence, Panama’s #1 Travel Guide is advising that now is the time to purchase property in Panama and get funds out there before this new law goes into effect.

Panama does not have a multi-listing system, so those who are looking to invest in property for retirement or as a second home should consider the Ocean Reef Islands, Panama’s newest and most luxurious residential development. To learn about the custom designed villas and single-family homes, private marina and other world-class amenities of this prestigious new development, contact Hurwitz James Company at 888-681-5902.

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Why MarketWatch Picks Panama as Haven with Best Retiree Benefits

Panama continues to pop up in real estate news as a top place to retire. In a recent article published in The Wall Street Journal‘s MarketWatch, the Southern most country of Central America once again made the list for “The World’s top 10 Retirement Havens.” The article reports that according to research by International Living, Panama’s “pensionado” program, cost of living, real estate, ease of integration, health care, climate and entertainment and amenities among other factors make it the country with the best retiree benefits.

Open to foreigners and without any age requirements, the pensionado is an organized retiree program that offers premium percentage discounts such as 20% off professional services and 50% off of theaters, movies and sporting events. Other perks include discounts for hospitals and private clinics, domestic flights on COPA, public transport and sit-down restaurants.

Combine the pensionado with an already inexpensive cost of living and you have yourself the perfect place to get the most for your money in retirement. Read the article in full at MarketWatch.com.

Investors looking to explore real estate options in Panama can contact Bob Hurwitz of Hurwitz James Company to learn about Panama newest and most luxurious residential development, Ocean Reef Islands.

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Jean Pigozzi Recently Hosted Private Celebrity Yacht Party in Panama

We just heard about a high-profile party that took place in Panama recently. Jean Pigozzi, a well-known Italian businessman and art collector among other things, hosted the party at his Panama home. Pigozzi is widely famous for his private Contemporary African Art Collection but has lead several entrepreneurial successes including the Liquid Jungle Lab, an island in Punta Pacific devoted towards technologically advanced research of marine and terrestrial sciences as a part of conservation efforts. Pigozzi’s Panama home is one of five; the others are located in New York, London, Paris and Cap d’Antibes.

According to an article from Panama America, a handful of big-name celebrities flew into Panama specifically to attend Pigozzi’s party. The Hollywood personalities that made the guest list were Angelina Jolie, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Michael Douglas and Roman Abramovich. The guests were flown via helicopters to Pigozzi’s private yacht where they were then taken to an island in the Gulf of Chiriqui Pixbae. The private party included fishing and fine dining catered by five star chefs from the famous Ciudad de David, a luxury hotel in Panama.

Of course, we were not too surprised by the chosen location for this private, high-profile get together. After all, Panama was named the No. 1 place to go in 2012 by The New York Times.

For those considering investing in real estate in Panama, learn more about Panama City’s newest and most luxurious residential development, Ocean Reef Islands by contacting Hurwitz James Company at 888-681-5902.

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Panama is No.1 Place to Go in 2012 by The New York Times

The New York Times recently published an article in the travel section listing the 45 top places to travel to in 2012. Out of 45 destinations, Panama came in first! As the Times put it, when you go to Panama, “Go for the Canal. Stay for everything else.” With the same currency and the soon-to-be expanded canal, Panama is becoming even easier to travel to. The thriving economy has led to an influx of first-time Latin America developments by Waldorf, Trump and Frank Gehry. Of course, the Times does not forget to mention the endless opportunities for outdoor Caribbean recreation and night life entertainment.

As the article reveals, it is for these reasons and even more that Americans have recently realized the true value of Panama real estate and have hence been investing rapidly. If you are looking to own property in the world’s top destination in 2012, consider Panama City’s newest and most luxurious residential development, Ocean Reef Islands. To learn more about Ocean Reef Islands custom-designed villas and single family homes, please contact Bob Hurwitz at 888-681-5902.


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Panama is the Top Place to Retire for All Lifestyles

Where are do you dream of retiring? On a beautiful beach? Surrounded by majestic mountains? Or in an exciting city? You can find all three of these plus culture and more in the southernmost country of Central America, Panama. A recent article from U.S. News Money reports why Panama has become the most popular place to retire for Americans today.

Surprisingly, obtaining a residency Visa is the easy part. It’s choosing where in Panama to settle that can be difficult. But that’s where Hurwitz James Company can help. A custom-designed Ocean Reef Islands villa or single family home comes with unrivaled amenities, private beaches or a private marina boat dock and easy access to all that Panama has to offer.

As a resident of the Ocean Reef Islands, you’ll also be able to take advantage of the close proximity to Panama City. As the U.S. News Money article says, the restaurants, international-standard shopping and variety of other opportunities are just the start to this Central America city.

Read more about why Americans are finding Panama a heavenly place to retire by reading the rest of the U.S. News Money article online. To learn more about Ocean Reef Islands real estate, please contact Bob Hurwitz at 888-681-5902.

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Q & A from the Ocean Home Magazine Interview with Bob Hurwitz

Get a behind the scenes look at the Ocean Home Magazine interview with Bob Hurwitz in the Question and Answer piece that was just released on the Ocean Home website on on October 11, 2011. Bob Hurwitz gives readers the real scoop on the Ocean Reef Islands project by answering questions from how Hurwitz James Company was chosen as the real estate company for ORI to whether Bob had any doubts about the project’s success.

“At the end, when the islands are completed, this will not only be a project for Panamanians or Latin-Americans; but a project for the entire world.”

Of course, the amenities are always what inquiring minds want to know about the first ever man-made luxury island complex. Bob assures readers in the Q & A that the “Residential Marina” at Ocean Reef Island is truly a yacht owner’s paradise with 24-hour access and more than 200 slips that accommodate vessels from 40 to 250 feet in length.

To give readers a real idea of what ORI residents will get to enjoy on a regular basis, Bob describes his own experience and how he went freediving, world class fishing, hiking and exploring around the lush islands all in just 3 days!

There are countless deserted white sand beaches, protected coves and bays, and ecological paradise of lush jungles and remarkable wildlife.

Read more of the interview at http://oceanhomemag.com/bob-hurwitz-and-ocean-reef-islands/.



Ocean Reef Islands in Oct. 2011 Issue of Ocean Home Magazine

Paradise seekers will want to snatch the latest issue of Ocean Home: The Luxury Coastal Lifestyle Magazine to see the stunning four-page spread on Panama’s newest residential and commercial development. Ocean Home writer Brianna Lapolla wrote a fantastic piece on the Ocean Reef Islands luxury complex and the powerful duo behind it all: Grupo Los Pueblos and Bob Hurwitz. Here were some of our favorite quotes from the article “Ocean Reef Islands: The first man-made, urban islands in Latin America.”

“It’s not every day that your dream oasis becomes a reality, so perfect that you’d swear it was tailored to your every desire.”

“Because of Panama’s perfect entanglement of modern and vintage structures, timeless tradition, and breathtaking natural wonders, there is no question as to why the concept for Ocean Reef Islands emerged from the Panama Sea.”

“Quality of life on the Ocean Reef Island is above and beyond all expectations, desires, and fantasies of even the most discerning residents.”

“With all the privacy of a desert island, but all the indulgence of a five-star resort, this is exactly the place for those with exquisite and glamorous living prerequisites.”

Learn more about the Panama Paradise by visiting the Ocean Reef Islands online. Those who wish to schedule an appointment to discuss a custom-designed villa can contact Bob Hurwitz at 310.701.0880.

Panama Named one of the World’s Strongest Real Estate Markets

The real estate market may be leaving something to be desired here in the United States, but it’s proving to be the opposite for the Ocean Reef Islands, the new landmark in Latin America. As the sole Realtor for the marketing and sales of the exclusive residential island development, Hurwitz James Company is excited to be representing these stunning luxury Ocean Villas, Garden Apartments and Single Family Homes in a location and market that is unparalleled by most others around the world.

“Little wonder that Panama is increasingly lighting up the radar screens of those searching for an affordable alternative to more traditional south-of-the-border retreats in Mexico, Costa Rica and the Caribbean, where escalating prices increasingly rival those along America’s own beach fronts…Yet despite the price increases, property here remains a fraction of what one would pay for similar real estate in the United States.”
- New York Times

“… ultimately, the beauty of Panama City is that it hasn’t become Miami yet. It’s much more welcoming and manageable. And now is the time to go.”
- The Washington Post

“The Number One Retirement Destination in the Western Hemisphere”
- Modern Maturity Magazine

“I have projects all over the world, and Panama is one of the strongest, if not the strongest, real estate market.”
- Ivanka Trump

Contact Hurwitz James Company if you would like to learn more about the stunning island residences on the Ocean Reef Islands in Panama by calling 310.477.8865.

Buyers Can Custom Design their Own Ocean Reef Islands Home

Your custom designed Ocean Reef Islands residence will be unlike any other in the world. With 6 floor plans and various locations around the island to choose from, you can conceive the ultimate dream home complete with unrivaled amenities and breathtaking views from every room. Let’s take a virtual tour of the possibilities.

Imagine living . . .

at a beautiful Ocean Villa footsteps from a private boat dock . . .

at a spacious Single Family Home with an expansive backyard facing the ocean. . .

. . . or at a Garden Apartment walking distance to the exclusive Ocean Reef Marina.

Imagine waking up to this view . . .

. . . relaxing amidst blue water and skies here

. . . and watching a Panama sunset from there.

On top of all this, the location of your Ocean Reef Island residence will allow endless opportunities to explore all the fine dining, history and culture that Panama has to offer. To read more about the residences and Design Guidelines, visit Ocean Reef Islands online. Interested buyers should call 888-681-5902 to speak with an agent at Hurwitz James Company, the exclusive representative of marketing and sales for the islands.