The Value of an Ocean Reef Islands Investment

Where do you dream of retiring? Before the construction of the luxurious Ocean Reef Islands has even been completed, the new Panama islands have quickly become one of the world’s most desired locations for retirement. The $400 million luxury home development is not only alluring because of the tranquil beauty of the tropical Panama surroundings but because of the world class amenities and unsurpassed value. So why invest in one of these 2-3 level, spacious, decadently designed low-rises?

“Panamanian real estate may very well be a safe place to shelter your wealth from today’s economic chaos.”
- Conde Nast Traveler

“Panama is the new Central American bargain where the US dollar- the market currency- goes a long way.”
- Business Week

“Panama makes itself over as its lenient tax structure and strong economy attract investors and entrepreneurs.”
- Forbes, 2008

“The new Florida: Panama’s quality health care, low costs, and proximity to the states are attracting American professionals as a retirement haven.”
- Jessica Ramesch, International Living

For more information on real estate investments in the Oceans Reef Islands, contact Hurwitz James Company, the islands’ exclusive representation for marking and sales.

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