Bob Hurwitz’s Former House Now on the Market for $35 Million

A luxury home that costs $35 million does not sell itself. In fact, even the rich and famous have to jump through hoops to lure in potential high-end home buyers.

DeeAnna Staats, a restaurateur and interior designer, was recently featured in Wired magazine for her over-the-top marketing plan to sell the Carbon Mesa Estate in Malibu for $35 million.

The Spanish style Malibu estate was originally purchased for $6.6 million. But after her interior design company Staats and Co spent several years remodeling and decorating the mansion, Staats is confident that the home is now worth five times that amount.

Lynn Guilburt, Staats and Co’s vice president, told Wired that the estate was “completely rebuilt with special attention to only using the finest and most talented artists and craftspeople to develop a breathtaking estate.” But even so, when Bob Hurwitz, president of Hurwitz James Company and former owner of the house, found out the asking price, “his response was utter disbelief.”

So how is Staats going to lure in buyers when even celebrities like Cher couldn’t sell a home for $41 million and Brad Pitt only received $12 million for his Malibu estate? Staats plants to woo wealthy buyers with the following marketing tactics.

  1. First, Staats is sending free iPads directly to the home of 10 wealthy investors. The iPads come pre-installed with a custom app that includes all the listing information and photos a buyer could want.
  2. Second, Staats hired Hollywood producer Graham Henman to create a short film that showcases the luxurious lifestyle that can be achieved with the Carbon Mesa Estate.
  3. Staats final tactic is an unbelievable ambitious price tag.

To read more about Bob Hurwitz’s former house, the Carbon Mesa Estate, and how DeeAnna Staats plans to sell the multi-million dollar estate, refer to the Wired article online.


hurwitz james company

hurwitz james company

Photos via Staats and Co

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