California Real Estate Market Leading the Nation to Recovery

While California realized some incredible appreciation in home values during the housing boom, we also were one of the hardest hit states when our economy fell apart. According to a recent UPI article, California now offers one of the country’s best turnaround real estate markets and can play an integral role in leading the nation to recovery. puts together a quarterly list of the country’s top turnaround towns, and the most recent ranking included 6 California cities in the top 10 spots.  A major difference that we are seeing in our region is an increase to the average transaction price, likely meaning that more owner occupied homes are being purchased.  There are still a number of incredible deals to be had though, which continue to make this one of the best buyers market in real estate history.

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A breathtaking view of the Big Sur California coasline taken from the Castello della Costa d’Oro estate, which is currently listed with Hurwitz James Company for $58,000,000. 

california luxury real estate

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