California Real Estate Market Leading the Nation to Recovery

While California realized some incredible appreciation in home values during the housing boom, we also were one of the hardest hit states when our economy fell apart. According to a recent UPI article, California now offers one of the country’s best turnaround real estate markets and can play an integral role in leading the nation to recovery. puts together a quarterly list of the country’s top turnaround towns, and the most recent ranking included 6 California cities in the top 10 spots.  A major difference that we are seeing in our region is an increase to the average transaction price, likely meaning that more owner occupied homes are being purchased.  There are still a number of incredible deals to be had though, which continue to make this one of the best buyers market in real estate history.

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A breathtaking view of the Big Sur California coasline taken from the Castello della Costa d’Oro estate, which is currently listed with Hurwitz James Company for $58,000,000. 

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Luxury Property Listings for Car Collectors

A recent Forbes article names auto lifts as the latest trend in luxury real estate amenities.  While car elevators sound like a flashy addition, we still find the most jaw-dropping garages to be the ones that hold an impressive number of cars or feature exquisite finishes. Take a look at two of our current luxury estate listings that feature beautiful garages for car lovers.

This Malibu oceanfront estate currently listed at $36 million offers a climate controlled garage that can fit more than 15 cars.

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The garage of the Cielo luxury estate in Rancho Santa Fe features two oversized doors and four California king-size garage parking spaces.

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Our trophy property recently featured in Arroyo magazine, the Bradbury Estate, currently listed at $78.8 million, has a 10-car garage with stunning architecture to match the main residence.

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 The stunning car showroom of the Castello Della Costa d’Oro, currently listed at $50 million, doubles as an entertaining space with exquisite finishes to display cars with class.

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A true car collector may not want to stop at cars. The Castello Della Costa d’Oro, in that case, would be the perfect property for you. The Golden Coast Castle in Cambria, California boasts a helicopter pad.

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Take a Virtual Tour of the Castello della Costa d’Oro

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We invite you to imagine what life at the majestic Castello della Costa d’Oro would be like with an exclusive virtual tour. The following video will take you through the one of a kind California estate to see what makes the Golden Coast Castle so magical.

From the sparkling shores to the vibrant green foothills, the video begins with bird’s-eye views of the incredible location and breathtaking landscapes that surround the property. Taking you in closer, you’ll then enter through the double doors of the main entrance to begin a tour through the interior of the main residence. During your tour, you will witness stunning architectural details and finishes including columns, dome ceilings and Venetian paintings and sculptures as well as impressive amenities including the gorgeous car showroom.


Of course, the true beauty and luxury of this estate can only be realized in person. To schedule a personal showing to see the Castello della Costa d’Oro in California currently listed at $58 million, please contact Hurwitz James Company in Beverley Hills at 888-681-5902.


The Castello Della Costa d’Oro in Cambria, California

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Welcome to the Golden Coast Castle. In Italian, it is the Castello della Costa d’Oro. Just as its beautiful name implies, this historical castle estate offers natural and man-made treasures beyond the imagination.

The location of this property is simply surreal. Situated just above Cambria’s art colony, the 80-acre estate stretches a half-mile down the coast and a mile inland, allowing for exhilarating views of both the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Lucia range. With its rich riparian land, the property is abounding with pinot noir and olive plantings as well as rare Monterey pine forests. Neighboring the famous La Cuesta Encantada or Hearst Castle, the estate is also minutes away from the 280 globally recognized and award-winning wineries of the thriving Paso Robles wine country.

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The stunning natural landscape of this estate is matched by breathtaking Venetian architecture and interiors.  The main residence of the grand Castello estate boasts recherché finishes including 31 classical and trompe l’oeil mural paintings. The master suite features a world-class spa and two-story vestiary. There is both a professional-grade kitchen and catering kitchen. Amenities include a presidential office suite, home theater and a secret passage that leads to a wine cellar – just to name a few. The residence also lends itself to hosting occasions from the large and grandeur to the intimately small with a magnificent entertainment hall and a soaring pavilion complete with penthouse.

You won’t want to miss our next post, where we will unveil the other luxurious and over-the-top amenities of the Golden Coast Castle. Interested buyers who would like to see the Castello della Costa d’Oro, currently listed at $58 million, can contact Hurwitz James Company at 888-681-5902 to schedule a showing.

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U.S. News Names 3 Reason Why Luxury Real Estate is So Hot!

Believe it or not, we have officially returned to a time where tens of millions of dollars are once again being thrown into bidding wars for trophy properties in the most sought-after localities of the nation. U.S. News solicited the experts to reveal the driving factors behind the surge of top dollar sales and the now sizzling mega-million housing market.

1. A Safe Haven: In the eyes of affluent foreign buyers, the U.S. luxury housing market is a relatively safe depository for investments compared to Europe’s tumultuous markets.

“Even with the negative outlook . . . investors continued to flood into U.S. treasuries, driving rates of return lower.”

2. Cash Flow to Seal the Deal: High-end homebuyers are not constrained by the tight credit and mortgage issues that the majority of today’s homebuyers are facing; rather, these big-time buyers have the freedom to purchase or at least offer a significant down payment up front.

“There’s a sentiment . . . That’s moving some [would-be buyers] from the sidelines and getting them into the game.”

3. Pouncing “Low” Prices: Every buyer knows low prices won’t last for long; and when it comes to mega-mansions, buying could mean saving millions.

“Even if you’re in [the luxury market segment], prices are lower than they were three, four, five years ago.”

With incredible experience in the global luxury real estate markets and high-end auctions, the experts at Hurwitz James Company can help you find the mansion of your dreams at a surreal price; contact Hurwitz James Company in Beverley Hills at 888-681-5902.


The Shelter Island Estate in Montana was recently listed for $78,000,000; contact Hurwitz James Company for more details. 

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Source: U.S. News