Cabana Verde Listing in Cost Rica Just Reduced to Unbelievable Price!

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Costa Rica is in reach! Our listing for the Cabana Verde in beautiful Costa Rica just saw a huge reduction in its listing price. The lush, tropical 5-acre estate with luxury villa and guest house was originally listed at $1,500,000. Now, this Costa Rica paradise is available for only $999,750!

This is your opportunity to finally have the second home you’ve been dreaming of. Read more about the luxury Costa Rica residence by checking out our past posts. You can also take a visual tour of the Cabana Verde online. Then, contact Hurwitz James Company in Beverley Hills at 888-681-5902 to learn more and to schedule a visit to San Isidro De El General, Morazan in Cost Rica to see the estate in person.


Travel Channel Interviews Bob Hurwitz for new “Extreme Vacation Homes” Show

travel channel extreme vacation homesIf you thought Travel Channel outdid themselves with the shows “Extreme Houseboats,” “Extreme Resorts” and “Extreme Mind-Blowing Hotels,” just wait until you see the upcoming episode on “Extreme Vacation Homes.”

In this special “Extreme” episode, Travel Channel will be giving viewers an exclusive look into some of the world’s most exotic and luxurious vacation homes. Of course, they couldn’t do this without consulting an authority in extreme luxury living, which is why they called on Bob Hurwitz, president of Hurwitz James Company. Even better, Travel Channel chose to interview Bob in his own natural habitat – his luxury beach house in Marina Del Rey, California!

See the sneak preview video of Travel Channel’s interview with Bob Hurwitz at is California retreat during which he discusses luxury real estate on the Hurwitz James Company Facebook page. Then, be sure to tune in when the new “Extreme Vacation Homes” episode premiers on Travel Channel.

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California Real Estate Market Leading the Nation to Recovery

While California realized some incredible appreciation in home values during the housing boom, we also were one of the hardest hit states when our economy fell apart. According to a recent UPI article, California now offers one of the country’s best turnaround real estate markets and can play an integral role in leading the nation to recovery. puts together a quarterly list of the country’s top turnaround towns, and the most recent ranking included 6 California cities in the top 10 spots.  A major difference that we are seeing in our region is an increase to the average transaction price, likely meaning that more owner occupied homes are being purchased.  There are still a number of incredible deals to be had though, which continue to make this one of the best buyers market in real estate history.

Whether you want to get the most value out of your current luxury home or are in the market for a new one, contact the global high-end real estate experts of Hurwitz James Company at 888-681-5902.

A breathtaking view of the Big Sur California coasline taken from the Castello della Costa d’Oro estate, which is currently listed with Hurwitz James Company for $58,000,000. 

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Potential Effect of Tax Cut Expiration on High-End Real Estate

Already outpacing other markets, the luxury real estate market may be seeing another increase in activity with the potential expiration of the Bush-era tax cuts. According to a recent Fox News report, high-end homeowners planning to sell are being motivated to cash-in before January, when the capital-gains tax cuts may expire.

“Some well-heeled homeowners are reportedly scrambling to offload luxury properties by the end of the year or else risk having a serious bite taken out of their bottom lines.”

This new factor affecting the high-end real estate market could be a win-win for us all. High-end homeowners will be able to sell properties at a 15 percent tax on the profit versus a 20 percent tax if the Bush-era tax cuts expire. In addition, if luxury homeowners are motivated to sell, this not only means that new inventory will be popping up, but it also means there may be a potential for great deals as well!

Will this change affect you? Get advice from the experienced luxury real estate agents at Hurwitz James Company in Beverley Hills by calling 888-681-5902.



The Bradbury Estate is listed at $78 million. If tax cuts were expiring, wouldn’t you want to cash in on this property as the owner?

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Luxury Estates with Incredible Exercise Amenities

As one of the industry’s leading luxury real estate companies, Hurwitz James Company sees countless homes with extravagant amenities. But in the end, we know that our clients are going to choose a home based on amenities that best reflect their hobbies, passions and lifestyles.

In recent posts, we’ve revealed our luxury estates  listings with incredible garages perfect for car collectors as well as multi-million dollar homes with gourmet kitchens perfect for the at-home chef or foodie. To continue our series on specialized amenities and in honor of the 2012 Summer Olympics, we are now going to take a look at our current mega-mansion listings made for those especially active individuals and sports fans.


The Malibu French Country Estate, listed at $14,500,000 has a professional-level clay tennis court complete with accommodations for spectators.

hurwitz james company

hurwitz james company

hurwitz james company

Listed at $78,000,000, the 24.3-acre Shelter Island Estate includes a world class clay sporting course and a shooting course connected by a 1-mile road that doubles as a beautiful running and walking trail. The home also features a fully equipped home gym with gorgeous lake views.

hurwitz james company

hurwitz james company

hurwitz james company


The Bradbury Estate, listed at $78,800,000, is the ideal home for those who love to swim to stay in shape. The California residence boasts a 350,000-gallon pool that has a length almost equivalent to an Olympic-sized pool.


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bradbury estate

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To learn more about these luxury listings or other Hurwitz James Company listings, please contact us at 888-681-5902.

Bob Hurwitz’s Former House Now on the Market for $35 Million

A luxury home that costs $35 million does not sell itself. In fact, even the rich and famous have to jump through hoops to lure in potential high-end home buyers.

DeeAnna Staats, a restaurateur and interior designer, was recently featured in Wired magazine for her over-the-top marketing plan to sell the Carbon Mesa Estate in Malibu for $35 million.

The Spanish style Malibu estate was originally purchased for $6.6 million. But after her interior design company Staats and Co spent several years remodeling and decorating the mansion, Staats is confident that the home is now worth five times that amount.

Lynn Guilburt, Staats and Co’s vice president, told Wired that the estate was “completely rebuilt with special attention to only using the finest and most talented artists and craftspeople to develop a breathtaking estate.” But even so, when Bob Hurwitz, president of Hurwitz James Company and former owner of the house, found out the asking price, “his response was utter disbelief.”

So how is Staats going to lure in buyers when even celebrities like Cher couldn’t sell a home for $41 million and Brad Pitt only received $12 million for his Malibu estate? Staats plants to woo wealthy buyers with the following marketing tactics.

  1. First, Staats is sending free iPads directly to the home of 10 wealthy investors. The iPads come pre-installed with a custom app that includes all the listing information and photos a buyer could want.
  2. Second, Staats hired Hollywood producer Graham Henman to create a short film that showcases the luxurious lifestyle that can be achieved with the Carbon Mesa Estate.
  3. Staats final tactic is an unbelievable ambitious price tag.

To read more about Bob Hurwitz’s former house, the Carbon Mesa Estate, and how DeeAnna Staats plans to sell the multi-million dollar estate, refer to the Wired article online.


hurwitz james company

hurwitz james company

Photos via Staats and Co

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Luxury Real Estate Market Continues to Perform Better Than the Rest

High-end investors and luxury homeowners are smiling right now because they know that at the end of the day, this top tier market is the place to be. Headlines continue to confirm that the luxury real estate market is outperforming all other sectors of the housing market currently.

According to a recent Investors Business Daily news report, several agents are reporting increases in sales prices as a result of shrinking supplies and multiple offers, especially in sought-after areas such as Beverley Hills. Value is returning to mega-mansions in these desirable U.S. neighborhoods, and domestic and foreign buyers who have been patiently waiting are now making their move.

“And consumer confidence, while variable lately, is at least higher than it has been most of the past three years. Against that backdrop, higher-end buyers have started pulling out the checkbook.”

The high-end real estate market is not only seeing more action, it is literally driving the nation’s housing recovery. Buyers and sellers looking to make their own moves can call on the experienced agents at Hurwitz James Company, who specialize in multi-million dollar sales all over the world. Contact the Hurwitz James Company office in Beverley Hills at 888-681-5902.


Even with a price tag of $78.8 million, the Bradbury Estate, currently listed with Hurwitz James Company, is not expected to remain on the market too much longer. 

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The Castello Della Costa d’Oro in Cambria, California

golden coast castle in california

Welcome to the Golden Coast Castle. In Italian, it is the Castello della Costa d’Oro. Just as its beautiful name implies, this historical castle estate offers natural and man-made treasures beyond the imagination.

The location of this property is simply surreal. Situated just above Cambria’s art colony, the 80-acre estate stretches a half-mile down the coast and a mile inland, allowing for exhilarating views of both the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Lucia range. With its rich riparian land, the property is abounding with pinot noir and olive plantings as well as rare Monterey pine forests. Neighboring the famous La Cuesta Encantada or Hearst Castle, the estate is also minutes away from the 280 globally recognized and award-winning wineries of the thriving Paso Robles wine country.

hurwitz james company

hurwitz james company

hurwitz james company luxury real estate


The stunning natural landscape of this estate is matched by breathtaking Venetian architecture and interiors.  The main residence of the grand Castello estate boasts recherché finishes including 31 classical and trompe l’oeil mural paintings. The master suite features a world-class spa and two-story vestiary. There is both a professional-grade kitchen and catering kitchen. Amenities include a presidential office suite, home theater and a secret passage that leads to a wine cellar – just to name a few. The residence also lends itself to hosting occasions from the large and grandeur to the intimately small with a magnificent entertainment hall and a soaring pavilion complete with penthouse.

You won’t want to miss our next post, where we will unveil the other luxurious and over-the-top amenities of the Golden Coast Castle. Interested buyers who would like to see the Castello della Costa d’Oro, currently listed at $58 million, can contact Hurwitz James Company at 888-681-5902 to schedule a showing.

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Luxury Real Estate Pros Reveal Top Tips for Buying Mega-Mansions

More money does not mean more problems if you are a buyer in today’s ultra-high-end housing market. As we already know, the luxury real estate market is sizzling with bargains and bidding wars on trophy properties.

So as multi-million dollar homebuyers continue to flood the market, Business Insider thought it was the prime time to seek advice from experts in this top tier market on how to begin the mega-mansion buying process. Here are their top tips for a successful multi-million dollar real estate investment.

• Do Your Online Research: Search listings online to get an idea of exactly what you are looking for.

• Enlist an Experienced Luxury Broker: Check to see what brokers are selling the most high-end properties in the area you are interested in.

• Get Pre-Approved: Have your pre-approval record ready before you even hire an agent.

• Prepare to Disclose Details: Expect that your real estate agent will want to know a few things about yourself such as your occupation and other assets in order to gauge your level of seriousness.

• Opt for a Mortgage: Even if you have the cash and don’t need one, a mortgage can actually be a more economical way to spend your money because of current interest rates.


Investors and homebuyers looking for properties in the nation’s most sought-after zip codes and most talked-about estates can call on Hurwitz James Company in Beverley Hills at 888-681-5902.

The grand foyer of the Bradbury Estate in San Gabriel Valley, which is currently listed at $78.8 million

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