Travel Channel Interviews Bob Hurwitz for new “Extreme Vacation Homes” Show

travel channel extreme vacation homesIf you thought Travel Channel outdid themselves with the shows “Extreme Houseboats,” “Extreme Resorts” and “Extreme Mind-Blowing Hotels,” just wait until you see the upcoming episode on “Extreme Vacation Homes.”

In this special “Extreme” episode, Travel Channel will be giving viewers an exclusive look into some of the world’s most exotic and luxurious vacation homes. Of course, they couldn’t do this without consulting an authority in extreme luxury living, which is why they called on Bob Hurwitz, president of Hurwitz James Company. Even better, Travel Channel chose to interview Bob in his own natural habitat – his luxury beach house in Marina Del Rey, California!

See the sneak preview video of Travel Channel’s interview with Bob Hurwitz at is California retreat during which he discusses luxury real estate on the Hurwitz James Company Facebook page. Then, be sure to tune in when the new “Extreme Vacation Homes” episode premiers on Travel Channel.

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Potential Effect of Tax Cut Expiration on High-End Real Estate

Already outpacing other markets, the luxury real estate market may be seeing another increase in activity with the potential expiration of the Bush-era tax cuts. According to a recent Fox News report, high-end homeowners planning to sell are being motivated to cash-in before January, when the capital-gains tax cuts may expire.

“Some well-heeled homeowners are reportedly scrambling to offload luxury properties by the end of the year or else risk having a serious bite taken out of their bottom lines.”

This new factor affecting the high-end real estate market could be a win-win for us all. High-end homeowners will be able to sell properties at a 15 percent tax on the profit versus a 20 percent tax if the Bush-era tax cuts expire. In addition, if luxury homeowners are motivated to sell, this not only means that new inventory will be popping up, but it also means there may be a potential for great deals as well!

Will this change affect you? Get advice from the experienced luxury real estate agents at Hurwitz James Company in Beverley Hills by calling 888-681-5902.



The Bradbury Estate is listed at $78 million. If tax cuts were expiring, wouldn’t you want to cash in on this property as the owner?

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Bob Hurwitz’s Former House Now on the Market for $35 Million

A luxury home that costs $35 million does not sell itself. In fact, even the rich and famous have to jump through hoops to lure in potential high-end home buyers.

DeeAnna Staats, a restaurateur and interior designer, was recently featured in Wired magazine for her over-the-top marketing plan to sell the Carbon Mesa Estate in Malibu for $35 million.

The Spanish style Malibu estate was originally purchased for $6.6 million. But after her interior design company Staats and Co spent several years remodeling and decorating the mansion, Staats is confident that the home is now worth five times that amount.

Lynn Guilburt, Staats and Co’s vice president, told Wired that the estate was “completely rebuilt with special attention to only using the finest and most talented artists and craftspeople to develop a breathtaking estate.” But even so, when Bob Hurwitz, president of Hurwitz James Company and former owner of the house, found out the asking price, “his response was utter disbelief.”

So how is Staats going to lure in buyers when even celebrities like Cher couldn’t sell a home for $41 million and Brad Pitt only received $12 million for his Malibu estate? Staats plants to woo wealthy buyers with the following marketing tactics.

  1. First, Staats is sending free iPads directly to the home of 10 wealthy investors. The iPads come pre-installed with a custom app that includes all the listing information and photos a buyer could want.
  2. Second, Staats hired Hollywood producer Graham Henman to create a short film that showcases the luxurious lifestyle that can be achieved with the Carbon Mesa Estate.
  3. Staats final tactic is an unbelievable ambitious price tag.

To read more about Bob Hurwitz’s former house, the Carbon Mesa Estate, and how DeeAnna Staats plans to sell the multi-million dollar estate, refer to the Wired article online.


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hurwitz james company

Photos via Staats and Co

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Selling a Luxury Home

When millions of dollars are on the line, mistakes are simply unacceptable. While today’s high-end real estate market is not only recovering but thriving, there are still crucial steps that need to be taken to ensure a successful luxury home sale. To avoid the most common missteps, here are the top 5 mistakes that luxury home sellers make.

  1. Overpricing: One of the easiest mistakes to make is setting a listing price that is too high; be sure you and your listing agent do the research to ensure the right price.
  2. Disregarding Inspection: Don’t assume that a professional inspection is unnecessary. It’s better to find minor repairs now than during a showing when it can forfeit integrity.
  3. Weak Marketing: It is crucial to market your home to all potential buyers worldwide, and this requires building an extensive marketing strategy that includes social media and holding an open house event (if not multiple).
  4. Thoughtless Staging: Luxury homes should be presented in the best possible light possible, even if this requires full redecorating as it could make or break a potential buyer’s impression.
  5. Assuming Qualification: Do not take a buyer seriously until they have showed you documents that prove buying power or mortgage qualification.

Sellers looking for a real estate company that specializes in global, multi-million dollar home sales can contact Hurwitz James Company in Beverley Hills at 888-681-5902.


The Castello Della Costa d’Oro currently listed at $58 million with Hurwitz James Company

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Living the California Dream at the Malibu Vineyard Estate

The enchanting Malibu French Country Estate, currently listed at $14.5 million with Hurwitz James Company, is much more than a prestigious vineyard. It’s an equestrian manor, a peaceful oasis, a gorgeous setting for an entertainer’s dream. With its luxurious outdoor amenities, lush foliage and awe-inspiring views of the Pacific and perfectly manicured vineyard, experiencing the Church Estate Vineyards is like experiencing the best that California has to offer.

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The expansive green pastures, horseback riding trails and private barn together make for an equestrian palace. The clay tennis court is enclosed in stone walls and complete with spectator seating for an athletic arena that is fit for pros. Finally, multiple outdoor living areas, each with something special to offer, create gorgeous outdoor spaces for every mood and occasion from peaceful meditation to sophisticated soirees.

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hurwitz james company

hurwitz james company

hurwitz james company

hurwitz james company

hurwitz james company

hurwitz james company

To see more of the magical Church Estate Vineyards, take the online video tour, or schedule a showing to see it in person by contacting Hurwitz James Company at 888-681-5902.

Malibu French Country Vineyard Estate Available at Reduced Price

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Hurwitz James Company currently has this exclusive listing on Malibu’s coastline at an amazing value. The Malibu French Country Estate is available at a reduced price of $14.5 million (previously listed at $19.5 million).  This magnificent property has incredible potential to produce substantial income with its award winning wine grapes. In addition, the breathtaking panoramic vineyard and ocean views make for the perfect venue for private event bookings including A-list weddings.

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While your Cabernet, Pinot and Chardonnay vines are producing fine California wine, you will be living in the lap of luxury in an 8,000-square-foot Normandy style chateau with stunning artisan details and finishes. From the custom designed chef’s kitchen and coffered ceilinged library to the 19th century pool table and 4,000-bottle wine cellar, every room of this residence embodies old-world charm and sophistication with the addition of the latest modern luxuries.

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malibu luxury listings

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In our next post, we will reveal the ideal outdoor living and recreational opportunities that make life at this Luxury Malibu Estate more like a permanent vacation. To schedule a showing, contact Hurwitz James Company at 888-681-5902.

Luxury Real Estate Market Continues to Perform Better Than the Rest

High-end investors and luxury homeowners are smiling right now because they know that at the end of the day, this top tier market is the place to be. Headlines continue to confirm that the luxury real estate market is outperforming all other sectors of the housing market currently.

According to a recent Investors Business Daily news report, several agents are reporting increases in sales prices as a result of shrinking supplies and multiple offers, especially in sought-after areas such as Beverley Hills. Value is returning to mega-mansions in these desirable U.S. neighborhoods, and domestic and foreign buyers who have been patiently waiting are now making their move.

“And consumer confidence, while variable lately, is at least higher than it has been most of the past three years. Against that backdrop, higher-end buyers have started pulling out the checkbook.”

The high-end real estate market is not only seeing more action, it is literally driving the nation’s housing recovery. Buyers and sellers looking to make their own moves can call on the experienced agents at Hurwitz James Company, who specialize in multi-million dollar sales all over the world. Contact the Hurwitz James Company office in Beverley Hills at 888-681-5902.


Even with a price tag of $78.8 million, the Bradbury Estate, currently listed with Hurwitz James Company, is not expected to remain on the market too much longer. 

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NAR Reports Pending Home Sales Are Up

We’ve been hearing it and now there is proof. The March 2012 report released by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) showed a 12.8 percent increase in pending home sales from a year ago. This positive report serves as solid evidence of a recovering housing market. The Pending Homes Sales Index for March was 101.4, which is a 4.1 percent increase from the index in February.

“An index of 100 is equal to the average level of contract activity during 2001, which was the first year to be examined as well as the first of five consecutive record years for existing-home sales; it coincides with a level that is historically healthy.”

NAR chief economist Lawrence Yun concluded that these reports are an indicator that 2012 will a year of healthy healing, sustaining and growth for the housing market.


Investors and homebuyers looking to explore their luxury real estate options while interest rates and home prices are still at record lows can contact Hurwitz James Company in Beverley Hills at 888-681-5901.

Tour the World Through Hurwitz James Company’s Facebook

We will soon auction what is quickly becoming one of the most famous homes in the world, The Razor, on September 27th, and we realized that much of the world hasn’t seen or isn’t aware of our Facebook page.

We’d love to invite you to Visit the Hurwitz James Company Facebook Page, which has exclusive photos of some of Bob Hurwitz’s favorite properties throughout his travels around the world as a global, luxury real estate broker for over 25 years.

From the Stanley Hill estate in Coeur D’alene, Idaho to the Kinnity Castle in Ireland to the Vomo Island Retreat in Fiji, these breathtaking multimillion dollar estates are quite a sight to see. You’ll drift off into a dream as you view photos of the Guglielmi Castle in Umbria, Italy, the San Miguel de Allende in Guanajuato, Mexico, the Camps Bay Estate in Cape Town, South Africa and the Villa Faaopore in Bora Bora.

Architects, interior designers, landscapers, artists and homeowners alike, feel free to comment on our Facebook photos and tell us what estates inspire you the most or which property you would love to call home or at least a vacation destination.

Visit the Hurwitz James Company Facebook Page to begin your tour of the most beautiful and inspiring estates in the world.



The Latest on The Razor Residence as the Auction Approaches

Our architectural work of art in La Jolla, California,  The Razor Residence, is currently the talk of the real estate town. CNN, AOL, ABC Channel 10 and ABC National have all featured the infamous estate, which is still scheduled to be auctioned on Tuesday, September 27th.

As you can imagine, The Razor is keeping Bob Hurwitz very busy with all of the high-profile interviews and the numerous tours to qualified buyers coming from as far away as Sweden to see this masterpiece property. Bob Hurwitz has been making it known to qualified buyers that the best possible price will most likely be achieved prior to the auction. As the sole judge of the rules by which the auction will be conducted and the high bidder, the Trustee will start the bidding at $16 million with overbids in increments of $100,000.

See what Unique Homes and AOL have been saying about The Razor as the suspense builds and the real estate world waits to see who will purchase the one-of-a-kind property.